These are the worst most god-awful affiliate “tips” of all time

I’ve seen some shizzle in my time but this lot take the biscuit;

“Just promote small priced low ticket offers and you’ll get rich.”


You ain’t ever gonna get yourself a gold-plated toilet seat making $10 commissions. You need to promote high ticket offers to do that.

“Spend a ton of money on ads to scale up fast – it’s the only way.”

My arse.

You don’t need to spend any money on ads. You can get lots of sales fast using free traffic if you know the right methods (see link below).

“Start a blog and make a post every day of your life until you jump off a cliff in desperation.”


You just don’t need to be doing this kinda shizzle. There are much easier (and quicker ways) of getting paid high ticket commissions which don’t require working your fingers to the bone.

The best possible tip I can give you to make big commissions fast is for you to buy this right now (before the price goes up later today);


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