What an a$$hole

We’ve all been there.

You see some guy online splashing around the cash, rubbing everyone’s face in it and lording it up on some beach with blonde babes and bottle of Krystal and you think;

“What an asshole.”

But if you dig deeper beyond the asshole persona and, let’s admit it, blatant jealousy we feel then here’s what you see;

A guy who’s just worked his nuts off for a long time, taken a bunch of knocks but gotten back up and, most importantly of all, a guy who is using the RIGHT TOOLS in his business.

And sure:-

He may still be an asshole to some people but at least he’s a rich asshole right?

I’ve been preaching to you for the past few days about how you need the right tools and how you have to invest in the Niche Marketing Kit from John Thornhill and Dave Nicholson.

And you know what?

You might think I’m an asshole for doing this.

You might think they’re assholes for selling the tools they use in their 7-figure businesses.

But it don’t matter.

The fact is this:-

If you want to make obscene amounts of money online you need to use the right tools and these are they;



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