“On your feet, maggot!”

This is a line from the Tom Cruise movie “Edge of Tomorrow” which is an amazing story;

Every day this guy keeps reliving the same day as a recruit in the army.

Every day he learns a little something more to aid him on the battlefield.

And every day he dies, comes back to life again at the same point in bootcamp with a Sergeant screaming at him;

“On your feet, maggot!”

As he repeats the same day over and over he eventually gets enough skill, intel and experience to overcome all the bad guys.

This is you.

You’re stuck in internet marketing Groundhog Day.

Every day’s the same.

Every day you’re fighting a battle and trying to get better.

And every day you probably feel a bit “dead” or defeated at the end of it.

Well, in this particluar analogy, my buddy Ben Martin is Tom Cruise at the end of the movie.

I’ve lived *7.5* years’ worth of days as an internet marketer.

This is 2737 days’ of battle-hardened experience I have under my belt.

And now he’s giving it all to you by letting you copy and paste his best money-making work, call it your own and keep all the profits for yourself.

But it won’t last forever.

Grab his stealth money method here;



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