Oh man, that was embarrassing

My cycling club holds a regular “Indoor Turbo Session”.

This is where you get on all your cycling gear, take your bike, a cooling fan and an indoor bike trainer (called a turbo) to thrash out for an hour together when the weather outside is too grim to ride.

Well on this particular occasion I packed all the essentials for the turbo session;

The fan, the bike, bike shoes, food, drink and bike computer.

But no turbo.

I’d turned up to a turbo session with no turbo.

My cycling buddies found it hilarious and awarded me a “Comedy Moment” Award for it at the end of the season.

This is like many internet marketers;

They’re so busy pissing about with all the little things they forget the #1 most-important thing;


Without it you are dead online.

So stop messing about with other stuff and solve your traffic problem once and for all with this;



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