The $6,925,419.04 finger

I love my “pointy” finger.

Or the index finger as you’re supposed to call it.

Here’s why:-

My right index finger has made me $6,925,419.04.


Yes. Practically every last cent of the six mil I’ve made online has been as a result of clicking “Send” with my pointy finger and sending an email.

Checketh ye this:-

Last week alone my finger clicked “Send” producing sales of $8251 (it was a slow week).

The catch here is you need a list to be able to do this.

And while every “expert” under the sun tells you this is where the money is – hardly anyone shows you how to get your own list.

Well I’ve decided to set the record straight;

I sat down in my Bat Cave and documented the entire list-getting process which you can follow to get your own money-making list as soon as today.

Yes – even if you’re just starting out and don’t know anything.

So flex your pointy finger right now and click on over to this special link get your own money-making list today;


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