Don’t bring a balloon to a gunfight.

There’s a lot of hot air in internet marketing.

And most of it is coming out of the mouths of newbies;

“This time next year I’m going to be a millionaire.”

“I’ve got a Ferarri on my vision board.”

“I’m gonna quit my job in the next 6 months.”

Goals are great.

Action is better.

And when it comes to taking action online the best possible thing you can do is get your own list.

It’s a fight out there.

A fight for attention, a fight for market share and a fight for sales.

Without a list you may as well take all the hot air, put it into a balloon and turn up to the gun fight ready to go…


If you really want the best things money can buy you need to arm yourself properly with this state-of-the-art list-getting weapon;


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