My “dickhead” phase…

I’m not proud.

But a few years ago I went thru a real dickhead phase.

(What do you mean I’m still in it?)

Aside from ignoring my friends, chasing the money, eating junk and locking myself away from the real world I did one thing which was even more dickheadish than everything else;

I didn’t build a list.


Everyone was telling me I should do it but I just couldn’t be bothered.

It seemed too much like hard work.

So I screwed around making one-off commissions here and there and a bit of AdSense revenue throw in.


Those two years in the internet marketing “wilderness” without a list cost me dearly.

In the years’ since then (when I finally got a list) I’ve made an average of $750k a year.

So not having a list for two years cost me $1.5mil.


Don’t be a dickhead like I was.

Get your money-making list up and running today;


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