Are You a Straight Up PSYCHO?

There are two types of affiliate marketer out there…

Type #1 – The Timid “Good Guys”:

These are the people who do everything they can to tiptoe around the fact that they are, in fact, affiliate marketers.

You know the type.

You’ve seen them in action, giving out all the free content they can, dancing around the fact that they want your money.

Being “nice” and “genuine” and “ethical” to a fault. These affiliates think they’re being sweet and helpful, but to a large extent, they’re kind of just pandering.

And usually… they’re broke.

Type #2 – Affiliate Psychos:

The “Affiliate Psycho” truly owns his or her position as marketer.

They’re bold, take action, and go straight after the money. They have no reservation about trading value for profit. They don’t hide.

My pal Lee Murray wants to show you how to become an Affiliate Psycho virtually overnight.

Make no mistake, this is 100% ethical and white hat. It’s just fast… and to the point. No patronizing your audience… No tiptoeing… just profit.

I’m sure you’re gonna love it.

Let me know. 🙂


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