“You send too many emails.” (yawn)

Ahh the old chestnut;

Some ignorant bod telling me how to run my business.

I get it.

We’re all busy people and clogging up your inbox with promo after promo using all the cliches like;

“You’ve never seen anything like this.”

“As seen on TV.”



“It’s live go, go, go.”

Yes – shizzle like that is totally unacceptable.

But from what people tell me – my emails are different.

Edu-taining even.

And every time I send one out I make at least enough money to pay for the computer I wrote them on (and sometimes enough for a small car).

So I’m gonna email you a lot.

When you get a list you should do the same thing.

Get the asset then use it.

And I’m especially more prone to emailing you when it’s about a great product I truly believe in which is an ESSENTIAL purchase for every marketer;

Like my “List Building Black Ops” training I’ve been shilling all this week.

You need this.

And you need to get it before midnight Eastern tonight otherwise you’ll pay 200% more.

Here’s the link to buy it;



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