“Blip-blop, bloop-bleeeeep”.

Ahhh, R2-D2. Whadda guy.

I recently watched all the
3 original Star Wars movies
with my kids.

(Ep VII onwards, not the
Ja-Ja Binks ones, *shudders*)

They loved them.

And even though neither my
kids, nor I, ever know what
R2-D2 is actually saying
we can always sense his


And that’s important –

You don’t have to understand
everything about something
to realize its intention or
its value.

Take these Traffic Bots I’ve
been telling you about this

(See how smoove that segway was?)

You might not understand HOW
these Traffic Bots get you
traffic, you might not understand
the coding language they
operate with but;

It’s all good.

All you need to know is: these
Traffic Bots work. They get you

Now go buy them, bleep-blop;


c) Copyright. All rights reserved. Please do not try to copy or swipe
this because even my lawyers have lawyer

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