IM Idol

Not many people in the world 
know this but around 10 years 
ago I had a secret lunch meeting 
with Jeff Walker and Mike Filsaime 
to launch onto the world;

“IM Idol”

We were going to do the world’s 
first internet marketing talent contest.

Well, the idea never took off.

Joel Comm beat me to it with 
a similar (yet better) idea!

Sadly, for him, it didn’t get taken 
up by the networks but he had a 
lot of fun making it.

But not much moolah.

However – if you want to have 
fun, make cashola AND take 
part in an internet marketing 
gameshow then the wait is over;

“CashGrab” is here and you 
can grab-a-the-cashola here;

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this because even my lawyers have lawyer

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