The Wheel of Marketing Misfortune

So you spun the wheel of 
internet marketing and 
it came up shitz?

Tell me about it.

I know that story all too well.

What you might not know is 
I failed like a tw*t for 2 years 
straight when I first got into 
this game.


I lost money on ads.

Didn’t know how to sell stuff.

Didn’t even know “affiliate 
marketing” was a thing.

I was like a blind man, with 
no eyes, looking for a black 
cat, in a dark room, that 
wasn’t there…

Fast-forward to today and 
things are somewhat different;

I don’t like to brag (but I’ll 
hide this fact in this email 
cos only my hardcode 
fans will see it) – I have $2M+ 
in the bank in assets.

(This excludes value of 
mortgage-free properties 
I own).

So yeah – the Wheel has turned 
in my favor.

And it can for you too.

By joining the world’s first 
internet marketing gameshow;


Enter the cash-grabbing madness here;

c) Copyright. All rights reserved. Please do not try to copy or swipe
this because even my lawyers have lawyer

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