Down to earth assessment of Zapable

risk-assessment-510759_640Has your inbox exploded with emails and ridonkulous bonus offers for Zapable yet?

I bet it has.

So let’s just take a chill pill over here in “Common Sense Corner” and talk about what Zapable is and what it really does;

I was lucky enough to get my hands on Zapable before it went live because me and Andrew Fox (Founder) go wayyyy back – we’re talking 2005 here.

He even Skyped me and did a live demo for me.

But I was worried I wasn’t gonna like it at first because you can write what I know about apps on the back of a postage stamp.

So I was delighted because it’s so fast and easy to use.

It’s completely muppet-proof.

And no exaggeration either – you really can have an app created in 10 minutes flat.

So where’s the money?

Well, to my mind, there are two main ways you’ll make easy money with this.

Way #1 you’ll make money;

You can create a mobile app for your own business and give it away for free.

The money comes by having the ability to do “push notifications” which are the holy grail of mobile app marketing.

You’ll love this part;

At the click of a button you can instantly contact all your app users with a message, website or offer of your choice – very powerul (and profitable).

Way #2 you’ll make money;

You can create apps for local businesses and sell them for a tidy profit.

Let’s face it – most businesses are only just getting their heads around having a website.

When you contact them (using the templates you get inside Zapable) they will be throwing money at you to get their hands on their own app.

You could sell an app for $1500 to a restaurant that has menus, location map and “Book a Table” features all built-in.

You could sell an app for $1000 to a hairdressers that features sample images, direct one touch calling and appointment setting all built-in.

The opportunities are limited only by your imagination.

So to summarize:-

My down to earth assessment of Zapable is this;

You should buy this.

If you’re in business, you’re in the app business and the gold rush on this has only just begin.

Those who get in on this early will grab the biggest windfalls.

So take your best mouse-finger, click the following link and start making money with apps today;


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