They call him the “Godfather” of internet marketing

master-1152482_960_720He’s not a criminal and he’s not going to leave a horse’s head on your pillow but…

“Mr. X” is very powerful, very rich and very hard to get to.

It’s purely invite-only.

You won’t find him speaking at internet marketing events.

You won’t find him shouting from the rooftops about his $20 million track record either.

He’s a quiet, private guy.

So when he invited me to meet him at his secret lair in Manchester, England I was both shocked, excited and nervous.

Little did I know what would happen on that fateful night.

(I had no idea he was going to show me, firsthand, his $12k per day method for example).

The lambos, the girls, the money – you’re going to love this amazing true story (and you’re REALLY going to love getting your hands on this guy’s $12k per day method too);


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