The day I got banned by Google

I remember it like it was yesterday…

I had this beezer idea to add 10,000 pages of content to my website in 24 hours.

(Seemed like a good plan to me.)

I used a bit of software which searched article sites, found relevant content and then copied it (legally) onto my website.

It was a disaster.

My site was blacklisted quicker than a Mexican at a Trump rally.

The lesson?

If you’re gonna use software to create content for your website you need to make it look natural.

And this is what AutoViral does because;

– It grabs the most shared content on the web and makes it unique for your website

– It can also drip-feed the content so it’s released steadily over a period of days (or even weeks) as you sun yourself on a beach somewhere


Great unique content.

Top quality, targeted traffic.

Spondooliks in the bank.

Job done.

But tonight at Midnight EST the price on AutoViral is going up to $197.

And right now it’s just a few bucks.

Grab this now and you can start using it to get masses of free content and traffic right away;


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