Douchebags strangled her business

Before I tell you this story you need to know you only have a short amount of time left to grab the 7-Figure Franchise because it’s CLOSING DOWN at Midnight Eastern tonight.

Okay, on with the story;

A long-time subscriber writes;

“Your emails are an inspiration to me.

I’ve purchased from you years ago and I’ve written you fairly recently when you told off a different douch bag.

Your responses to these jerks and your attitude towards them are making me stronger.

I closed my business due to douche bags emails.

I am a real softy.

I feel bad when people send those mean emails. I couldn’t take it any more and I stopped my business.

You have a great attitude towards those kinds of people. Keep calling them out… and definitely keep writing about it.”

My point here is thus:-

You will always encounter douchebags (or dickheads or whatever you want to call these soul-suckers).

Just like you will always experience knock-backs and hurdles in business.

The way to succeed is to ARM YOURSELF with the right tools to succeed in business so nothing anyone does or says affects you in any way.

Trust me.

It’s a lot easier to tell the d-bags to shove it when you’re making $10k a month online.

Douchebag-proof your business by making $10k a month with this;


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