“I love the smell of facepalm in the morning.”


It astounds me sometimes just how stooopid people can be.

I watched an entire ridonkulous debate unfold on Fakebook last night almost peeing my pants in hysterics at the ignorance;

A: “Im gonne to be makin 1mill this year for sho. do it selling affiliate tings.”

B: “yeah me also bra. commissions coming fury and fast for me y’know?”

C: “I’ve got a secret Ebay project up my sleeve which could see me hit the million bucks mark by December.”

Dumb, dumber and dumb-ass.


If you are serious about generating 6 figures online this year (let alone 7) then do yourself a favor and do what works;

Sell info products.


Sell digital info products and you can coin it in.

No shit Sherlock, right?

The problem has always been:-

Creating products is like giving birth – it’s painful, takes ages and can get messy.

Which is why…

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