How to bring in big bucks on a birdfinger budget

“Cheney, you lost me at birdfinger budget. What in the heckahoo is that?”

A birdfinger budget is one where no matter what the price of something your stock response is to show them the birdfinger.

Yeah – it’s a thing.

So if you’re in this sitch and you’re constantly having to flick people the finger who are asking for too much money for their “secrets” then listen ye up;

The truth is out there.

(Actually – the truth is right in this email. I’ll show you it in a seccy here)…

Earning serious wonga ($525+ per day) is within your grasp.

You just need to change your perspective and realize you’ve been stuck in the “Matrix” of affiliate marketing;

You know – where robots suck out all your brains and nothing you think is real, is real.

Heart-warming isn’t it?

The answer to all your money and budget problems is right here;


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