They “Hacked” My Account and It Made Me $11,249

I’ve been around on the internet since 1999 so when two guys approached me saying they wanted to “hack” my Facebook account to run a beta test I was wary to say the least…

In fact, it sounded downright sinister…

But these guys had been business buddies of mine for years and I could tell from the twinkle in their eyes that they had something special lined up so I gave them the green light to work their magic on my account…

They beavered away for an hour or so and said the deed had been done…

I kinda forgot about it.

I didn’t even know what they’d done to my account.

But then, a few weeks later I looked at my stats and saw;

thumb-rightwayup3,948 NEW FANS, 2107 HOT NEW LEADS AND $11,249 IN CASH…

I’d got 3,948 NEW Fans (all genuine, interested and engaged Fans), 2107 hot new leads onto my mailing list and I’d made$11,249 in sales and affiliate commissions as a direct resultof what they did…

So WHAT did they do?


– A “Like Page” is a simple page that gets you masses more Likes, Fans, leads and sales

– It takes just 59 seconds to set up

– It uses the science of “action-reward” psychology


Because they offer people a valuable freebie which they can only get AFTER they Like your page…

This powerful action-then-reward psychology is the reason it works so well – just like the story I told you with the monk and the flower earlier this week.

And the best part is…


Because when people start liking your page (to get the freebie) then their friends see that too and they visit the Page, they Like it and the traffic starts growing exponentially…

So you’re getting lots more Likes, lots more people on your list and lots more sales.

I was so impressed with the results I said to the two guys;


Well, it’s been a long-time coming, but finally they’ve found a way to package this up as simple push-button software so you can get your own Like Page on your Facebook account right away.

You really should buy this;

– Because it gets you tons more Likes, Fans, leads and sales

– Because you can set up in 59 seconds

– Because you don’t have to know any technical stuff

– Because you’re getting a Freebie to give away as part of the deal

– Because you can get it at a special low price right now

(they normally charge monthly but right now you can get it for a low one-off price)

Grab The Like Page Builder Software Here

And you can start getting more Likes, more Fans, more leads and more sales TODAY.

And yes, I get paid a commission when you buy Like Page Builder through my link, but let’s be honest, it’s peanuts in the grand scheme of things… Sure – I might spend it on a few diapers for my baby boy James (now 9 weeks’ old – where does the time go!?) but…

The real reason you should buy this is because I want to return the favor that these two guys did for me by giving me my own Like Page and making me that money. It’s the least that I can do.

And sure, if I make a few cents more into the bargain then I’m not going to refuse it (my wife would KILL me!).

But the upshot is this – if you have a business, then you NEED to be on Facebook.

And if you’re on Facebook, then you NEED to have a Like Page.


And this cool software builds you one in 59 seconds flat.


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