Roomba sucks. Geddit?

I’m not gonna lie;

The first time I saw one
of those vaccuuming Roomba
robots I nearly soiled myself.

“WHAAAAA???! An actual robot
doing something useful?”

I’m a nerd at heart.

And all my childhood I’d
read about and watched TV
programs about how robots
were going to revolutionize
the future.

We’d all be pampered as robots
did all our work, cleaning,
cooking and even transported us
here and there.



As it turns out – those
future-seers did get one
thing right. Robots have
ended up doing something
very cool for us;

Getting traffic.


And now these robots are
waiting to get you tons
of moolah-making traffic;

c) Copyright. All rights reserved. Please do not try to copy or swipe
this because even my lawyers have lawyer

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