Facebook Ads alert: Ad Account Disabled


I’ve lost multiple Facebook ad accounts over the years.

Wanna know why?

The short story – they’re douchebags.

The long story – they don’t understand affiliate marketing (and they’re douchebags).

So what’s the deal with Facebook?


#1. They are marketing muppets with no clue about what constitues real direct marketing or…

#2. They just don’t want affiliate marketers on Facebook or…

#3. Both.

I’ll let you decide.

HINT: It’s both.

So what can you do if you want a ton of traffic but your ads are being slammed by Facebook or you don’t even want to pay them any damn money in the first place?


Use the “Facebook ricochet method” which gets around this entire boolsheet.

It lets you pull out thousands of visitors from Facebook, send them to your website and doesn’t cost you a single penny to do.


Stick that in your blue and white pipe and smoke it Mr. Zuckerberg.

But hurry on this because the special launch offer (and my bonus – a 90-minute Facebook Free Traffic & Money Masterclass) is going away soon;



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