Keep your friends close, but Facebook closer

boys-42364_640George Orwell was right.

We are on the verge of a society where everything is monitored.

And I blame Facebook.

They have more personal data about more of the world’s population than you and I can imagine.

Scary biscuits.

And it seems they want to keep this information (and all the traffic on Facebook) to themselves.

They will do practically anything to stop you from getting traffic from them.


* Banning all JVZoo links on Facebook so you, the affiliate, can’t get any traffic or make any money

* Downgrading any post which has an external link to try and keep as much traffic as possible within their own evil clutches

* Forcing you to stump up tons of cold, hard cash to advertise and get the traffic you deserve

No fair.

It’s time to level the playing field once and for all.

Here’s how:-

There’s a new free traffic-getting method called the “facebook traffic ricochet” which is causing reverberations around the internet world right now.

It lets you tap into the masses of highly-targeted traffic from Facebook.

With a difference.

You don’t have to pay Facebook for the privilege.


For a limited time only (ending soon) you can grab this for just a few bucks and also get my exclusive free bonus thrown in;

A 90-minute Facebook Free Traffic and Free Money Masterclass.

Get it here;


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