Facebook on the naughty step

embroidery-496003_640My wife and I have a 1-year old and a 3-year old so we’re no strangers to the naughty step in this house.

Enforced timeouts for improved behavior.

(And so far, so good.)

If only we could put Facebook on a naughty step for their misdemeanors and crimes against affiliate humanity.

What’s that you say?

What crimes?

Have you tried to post any kind of link on Facebook recently?

Guess what:-

If they don’t remove it right away (which they do for a lot of affiliate links) then here’s what happens;

Facebook penalizes you for including a link in your post and only broadcasts it to around 1% of your followers.

(The buggers.)


Because they don’t want you sending traffic away from Facebook.

Unless, of course, you’re willing to pay them money for it in the form of ads.

Well, as my grandma used to say:-

Screw that.

There’s a new method you can use to subvert Facebook’s evil plan and actually get a ton of free traffic to your website.


No ads required.

And you can do it in 13 minutes.


It’s called the “Facebook Traffic Ricochet method”.

You need to grab this before the special low launch price ends and I take down my bonus (a 90-minute Facebook Money & Traffic Masterclass).

So be on your best behavior and sneak on over here to grab it;



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