Let’s talk death and money (it’ll be fun…)

Cheery don’t you think?

There’s no way around it – before you die you need an F-ton of money to leave behind so those still on the bus can enjoy the rest of their ride.

This is where internet marketing comes in (if you do the right thing).

There are just 3 things you need to do to be in a solid financial position.

It’s like Brian Tracy taught me;

#1. Income. (You gotta have plenty of money coming in all the time.)

#2. Investment. (You should be re-investing much of this money into stocks, shares, property, your own business and personal development.)

#3. Insurance. (You need a big umbrella for when the inevitable shitstorm comes.)

Here cometh the rub;

Getting a list gives you all of this.

* Income. (Hit “Send” and you make money.)

* Investment. (Ask any marketer with a list and they’ll tell you it’s their #1 asset.)

* Insurance. (No matter what happens – if you have a list you can make money.)

So my message to you on this fine day…

You need to get your own list – here’s how;



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