Santa is not a douchebag

He’s overweight.

He’s got an unseemly beard.

And he scares little children.

But Santa is not a douchebag.


Because he’s got a list.

Yes – unlike most would-be marketers out there Mr. Claus has his shit together.

Whether he got all the names from a squeeze page remains to be seen but one thing is clear;

Without a list he’s screwed.

And so it is with internet marketers. The ones without their own list really struggle.

They have no focus.

They have no way of reaching their market en masse.

And they have no way of making easy sales just by sending an email.

So they take the easy way out.

They buy traffic.

But it sucks.

It hardly ever converts and they end up even deeper in the hole than before.

Sound familiar?

Look. I’m not scaremongering here.

This is the sawgrass truth – if you haven’t got a list you are always going to struggle to make money online.

So put your favorite red pants on, grab a cup of cocoa and fill your sack with list-building goodness here;


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